Monday, August 17, 2015

A tiny bit on an Intro

Hello to all Crafty People

Thought of giving a small introduction before posting anything - So anyhow, My name is Atiya Zubair, originally from Pakistan, residing in Riyadh, KSA and I'm the face behind The Whatnots Shop which is an online store. I have a got quite a small creative team which is actually my own family. My mother - A superb crocheter, brother who is an amazing photographer and my cousin who is a fellow crafter. Oh and my dad who works behind the scenes in getting me supplies and also comes up with great product ideas.

So, that is it.. 

Here on the blog I would be sharing most of my products with the list of supplies that are used on it with few tips and tricks.

Feel free to ask anything crafty - Will love to help all the newbie crafts out there! 

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PS: This blog is about sharing, not about being a "good" writer.

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