Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tim Holtz Mini Distress Ink Pads

Hello there!

Since couple of days I was thinking to post few 'Product Reviews' of my ever F-A-V products. So here I am with the first one and it's Tim Holtz Mini Distress Pads. They are total of 52 distress colors. They come in a pack of 4 and if you need only few of them then you can buy them separately. Anyway, I have bought them as kits and I have all 13 of them. Call me crazy!!! But I am huge fan of these. Why? Keep reading and you will get to know! 

First the basics, they are about 1x1" and have a raised felt surface which makes it super easy to use directly on a crafting surface without even using a blending tool. Another great thing about them is they are stackable so they are very easy to store. In case you don't want to stack them up, you can get storage tin by Tim Holtz (that's what I did), they are specifically made for the minis. As you can see in the picture below, each tin can hold up to 12 mini distress pads and you can easily store a mini blending foam under each pad easily. They are absolutely perfect if you less storage space or if you aren't able to get the regular ones because of the price. You can get these with the re-inkers and you're good to go.    

One main thing if anyone of you is confused between the regular distress pads and the minis. Let me tell you that there is no difference at all. They're just smaller in size and quite cuter! If you're a newbie here is what you need to know distress inks comes in all colors and shades. For dark to light and from bright to pastel. They are perfect to use on a paper, canvas and any wood item. I totally love these! I have been using since a year and I haven't re-inked them yet. 

If you're into making your own custom backgrounds, give them a try! You won't be disappointed!

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